I’m feeling kind of fussed and discouraged and downcast for no good reason. Especially since I got the quilting done I needed to and I think I won a contest at work and the freelance work I’ve been discussing is moving forward more quickly than I thought. Okay, I know the reason: it’s weird living alone again, even temporarily. I guess I did have a reason for keeping Eric around after all.

But my life is good, even though the storm kept me from getting any kale for dinner, and there are pictures to prove it. Here is my tiny guest of honor in the herb garden:

It’s a Cherokee wax bean, and it’s less than an inch long. Well, it was; it rained terrifically and then was sunny and then rained again, so this thing may be the size of my index finger by now. I’ll check tomorrow if it isn’t still raining.

(The very brown pine branches in the back are from the dead Christmas tree that’s supporting the beans. I think I made a few people at our ice cream party seriously doubt my competence when they saw that and thought it was supposed to be growing there.)

Behold: I have now gotten further growing indigo than I ever have before!

And then there’s this lovely little thing.

Carol gave me her borage seeds this past winter, saying she wasn’t going to plant them this year, they were so huge and reseeded so much. (She moved this year from a community plot to her own backyard, by the by, so there are none in her garden to my knowledge.) My borage plants are still very short–about a foot tall–but this one has made the first move, and I love it. I will taste later flowers to see if they really do taste like cucumber. (Not that I doubt, you know, the entire gardening world; it’s just best to verify these things for oneself.)