I am the pleased owner of a raspberry patch! If they live, anyway. Edith had a glorious raspberry patch last year, and while we were taking care of the house while she was gone in the summer we harvested some. They were marvelous. But she feels the plants she has are enough, and over the past couple of years those plants have spawned babies she wanted to rip out. So she dug them up (way too close to the stems for my liking) and gave them to me.

There’s one really good spot in the yard for growing fruit: by the fence that separates the backyard from the driveway. It’s not close to a painted wall and it gets a lot of sun. The daylilies that have undoubtedly been there for years are extremely happy. Or they were; I cut off their flower stalks, dug them all up, divided them, planted them in the back fence bed (they filled it up, which is nice), and put the raspberries in their place.

I admit the raspberries aren’t going to be nearly as pretty. Or as nonpainful. If I had a kid whom I would let run around in the backyard, I might not have put the raspberries in such an accessible spot. I’m not sure whether I’m going to try to do something about that or not. Would a little decorative fence help? Would a big one be too ugly? My parents’ plants were just let run free…I think…but they were by a rock wall in the back of the property. These plants are all droopy and sad right now, of course, but once they recover–and I think they will, mostly, even with the paltry root systems they’ve got; they’re tough little things–I suspect they’re going to be very enthusiastic growers. I’ll deal with it as it comes up, I guess. If I get more raspberries this year than the plants I already had are promising, it’ll be worth it.