I probably should have been more productive today, but I accomplished that in other areas (and I did harvest another slug-uneaten strawberry). Today I just poked around and looked at leaves.

The cotton is doing well. Each set of leaves makes them more and more like maples; if I didn’t know I had planted them I might be tearing them up with all the maple seedlings (six of which my mother-in-law pointed out in my front lawn today, asking if I was growing them on purpose). This one’s in the raised bed; there are two there, three in pots, and one by the garage because I didn’t have anything else to plant there. I’m looking forward to the flowers, which are supposed to be quite pretty, but of course I’m really hoping they’ll live long enough to yield cotton.

I’ve never grown a watermelon before, and I was expecting leaves more like a cantaloupe’s. (The two I set out are still there and getting bigger.) I had vaguely wanted to grow Moon and Stars watermelon after hearing that their leaves are splotched just like the fruits–I’m not sure why that was enough to push me into it–but this is a fairly ordinary watermelon and its leaves are beautiful just by themselves. When did I become a foliage aficionado? I mean, I’m not really, but I’m getting closer all the time. I’m definitely looking forward to fruit from this guy, but in the meantime I’m content looking at its current prettiness.