The brassicas I transplanted aren’t looking so good. They’re half-wilted and still flopped over. I hope they make it. The weeds are looking fabulous. Maybe too much so. Are there any blue-flowered weeds common to northwest Ohio? If not, I think I pulled out a columbine.

I harvested a whole strawberry today. By ‘whole’ I mean ‘uneaten by slugs,’ not ‘sarcastic way of saying it’s not a lot.’ Eric took a bite, I took a bite. Marvelous. We also had some carrot thinnings. Even carrot thinnings are big enough to be tasty now.

Nonetheless, the garden is mostly waiting at the moment. I remember this from last year. Things are getting bigger (except the butternut squash, which I now realize is never going to live in the middle of the corn patch like that; what was I thinking? I’ll see if I can move it) and putting out tendrils, and the watermelon and cotton are sprouting interesting-looking leaves, and it’s about time to start putting twine around the tomatoes, but nothing else is happening but weeds. The jalapeno plants (purchased) and the one tomato plant (the volunteer) have flowers. I don’t consider these nearly as much my plants, and so I feel vaguely cheated and second-rate. Ah well. My plants’ time will come.