It was hot and muggy and gray today. But it’s going to be hotter and muggy and bright tomorrow, so we decided today was the day to do outdoor things before the party.

Eric mowed; I filled in the corner of the new retaining wall with dirt, put away garbage, planted the rest of my wintersown flowers (except the anise hyssop; I’ve already planted a bunch of them but there are more, and I’m going to save them for the back-fence bed which is currently a bunch of recently-turned-over grass), put my cotton into the ground and the pots, planted the rest of the peppers and eggplant, planted more luffa because the original plants are all eaten away by bugs, transplanted the watermelon and sunflowers, and felt the salt from my sweat slowly encrust my face. I kept my long-sleeved shirt on. Now that the grass is cut I might consider going without it next time.

I weeded a lot. I had forgotten about weeding. I suspect I’ll forget it every winter. That’s fine. I pulled out the flowering turnip because it had fallen over, under its own weight, I thought, but when I pulled it up the bulb was rotten with holes and ants. There are ants in my compost pile. There are ants everywhere.

I pulled out a couple of Dragon carrots that needed thinning and was delighted with their coloring. These are going to be great. I went to the pea patch and found the flowers there are almost the same color:

I had noted this morning from the window that the spinach were looking suspiciously tall, and I confirmed that suspicion; most of them are starting to bolt–the Baby’s Leaf Hybrid anyway; some of the Bloomsdale Long Standing are still fine. So I pulled a bunch of them for eating or putting in the fridge. We’re not cool enough to eat yet so we haven’t decided.

I was sorry but not terribly surprised to find that the rocket had also bolted:

And was startled to find that the Sorrento broccoli, which I let go to flower (after pulling out the Chinese cabbage, just in case) because two didn’t seem like enough to harvest from, have already formed seed pods.

That’s quick work. This heat we’re having seems to have done everything in the garden good. The tomatoes and cucumbers and squash and peppers are loving it; the basil is finally starting to do something; the oregano looks like it might be threatening to flower, which it didn’t last year. The lettuce still look okay, but I think I’d better plan on picking up the salad-eating pace, just in case.