The tastiest thing I did yesterday was make brownies and chai ice cream. (We’re having an ice-cream tasting party Saturday. Flavors to be offered include strawberry, pineapple, lemon, apple cinnamon, chai, root beer, and chocolate chocolate chocolate nut. If you’re going to be in the Toledo area you’re welcome to attend, but you have to fill out a little comment card about the flavors you sample.)

I apparently was the tastiest thing yesterday out in the garden. Now I remember why that long-sleeved shirt hung by the back door all last summer. With the long grass and last night’s rain, I don’t think I’m getting out to the yard today. But I did a decent amount yesterday: I moved the zucchini and pulled the extraneous ones (which hurt, but I’m living on the edge growing even two plants; five would kill me for sure), I planted Iroquois cantaloupe, I moved the Mammoth sunflower sprouts to the places where the Autumn Sun ones didn’t come up, I put out peppers and cotton (with collars, thank you very much), I planted more cilantro and dill. I could not find my brussels sprout seeds anywhere. I’m trying to decide whether I should buy some replacements. Seeds are cheap at Andersons now, but I was only going to grow brussels sprouts because I got the seeds free in a trade.

I also picked six ounces of spinach, because one of the plants looked like it was threatening to bolt–the arugula does too–and I want to enjoy it while I can. It made a marinated spinach salad that was also quite tasty, come to think of it. (Wilt the spinach, rinse in cool water and wring, then add honey, crushed garlic, sesame oil, soy sauce, and sesame seeds and mix thoroughly with your hands. It’s very important to use your hands.)

And I spotted my first pea flower. No offense to lettuce and spinach, but here come the first real vegetables! (I might get some broad beans too, but only if the ants and aphids leave me any at this point.)