I missed Green Thumb Sunday (I was at the park where we got married, and then in Theramore), so here’s my current favorite flowering plant in the garden:

It’s a turnip, and it looks awfully top-heavy. There was a tremendous thunderstorm last night and I feared for it, but it seems to be standing still; I can see a yellow blossom from around the corner of the garage. Good plant. The other turnip didn’t come up, so I’m thinking this turnip will be blooming for some time.

In the other garden, the two other ant-struck cauliflower are dead. One remains, but I’m not giving much for its chances. A broccoli sprout has come up in the ones I planted for fall in the greenhouse, and I choose to hope that fall brassicas will do better than spring ones. If not, maybe next year I’ll give in and buy some starts from the nursery.