My bright, shiny, brand-new, 100% amateur rabbit fence is up. The zucchini are gone, too. But the corn is up–apparently rabbits don’t like corn. I replanted the zucchini and sunflowers, and a Parade cucumber that fell to a cutworm (no, I haven’t been doing the collars even though I think it’s a really good idea. I didn’t have any issues with them last year so I don’t think about them. Did I graduate to Garden 2.0 this year?), and the vegetable garden is, I hope, secure once more.

Meanwhile, Eric was digging a fence pole out of the driveway bed. He gave a savage cry of triumph when he finally got it to release its hold on the earth. Then he started ripping down the plywood and carpet on the back porch. I’ve wanted to do this for two years so I cheered him on.

I went around to the herb garden to poke around and check for cabbage worms (which was not unwarranted; I found some and killed them). I saw this:

and was immediately concerned about that second, limp cauliflower. I investigated. It was limp, but nothing seemed obviously wrong until I looked at its base and saw this:

Three of them had it. I had no idea what to do about it. I chased them away, but obviously that’s only a temporary solution.

I pulled out the limp cauliflower and its roots were all dry and gone; the ants were tunneling there. I looked around and found them amassed on the path nearest the house, holes here and there. What do I do about this? I’ve got to figure out something. Boiling water? Just give up the cauliflower for lost? Give up the entire garden for lost and spray?

Also–and I hesitate to say this–the only brassicas that are currently behaving for me are the kale. (Well, and the Green Goliath broccoli, other than being eaten by cabbage worms.) I’m feeling I had better enjoy them quickly.