I have killed my first cabbage worms of the season. They didn’t completely destroy the cauliflower, which is good since those are the healthiest looking brassicas I have going except the kale (which is just gorgeous) and I’d hate to have to admit defeat so early. I also scraped some more scale off the lemon tree, which is showing hints of wanting to grow more leaves, a pursuit of which I wholly approve.

I didn’t do the outdoor work I intended, other than the aforementioned killing of caterpillars and some incidental weeding, because Eric convinced me that Saturday would be beautiful and he would do yardwork too, and today would be much better spent in a long walk. I wholeheartedly agree.

But I did start the fall brassicas–cauliflower, cabbage, three types of broccoli–and the sunflowers: Claret (hybrid), Pastiche, Autumn Beauty, and four Mammoth seeds I turned out to have in the bottom of the seed box after all. All but the latter are from trades. Also, the ones I bought for bean trellising are Evening Sun, not Autumn Beauty.

I have vague thoughts of trying to save seed from the sunflowers, but honestly I don’t want to, because (again according to Seed to Seed) I’d have to bag the heads to do it properly, and the whole point of growing these is to enjoy their beauty. I can’t think of a flower I enjoy more wholeheartedly than sunflowers.