So it turns out the sunflowers are coming up just fine. It’s just that the rabbits are still getting in. (I would have taken a picture…but you can imagine a chewed-off stem. Now multiply.) That board that covered the rabbit warren also covered a couple of holes in the fence (“fence” is a euphemism, really…it’s honestly a bit of trellis that the previous owners must have tacked on at the end, and the holes are huge) and apparently my mostly-barren garden is worth the trouble. The beans in the other garden, with semi-raised beds, are unmolested. I think I need to build up the ground-level beds in the vegetable garden for next year.

Those were my last Mammoth sunflower seeds, so I bought chickenwire and more sunflower seeds today. These are Autumn Beauty, and they grow six feet instead of ten, which seemed good to me since at ten feet I can’t reach the beans when they climb up that far. The fence goes up, and the sunflowers in, tomorrow.