I planted most of my winter-sown flowers yesterday. The Merveille des Quatre Saisons lettuce, which is doing excellently, has been partly in a planter and partly in the herb garden (where I planted red flax, because it hadn’t come up yet and I’d forgotten) for a while now, but the rest were sitting quietly on my porch, blocking most of the steps.

Status: the cleome (my first sprout was actually a bachelor’s button) and the pot marigolds didn’t come up at all. The bachelor’s buttons did the best, towering over everything else. The anise hyssop was a decent second, and smells wonderful. The Husker’s Red penstemon and Indian paintbrush germinated thickly but remained small (probably because I forgot to thin them a second time). The “Garden Treasures mix” and hollyhocks came up nicely and were easy to separate. The butterfly bush, shasta daisy, and purple coneflower were small but had nice leaves and weren’t too crowded. The tomato mix container has a tall plant that clearly isn’t a tomato and nothing else, and there are two unlabeled containers that must be the nicotaina and the blanket flower, but I’m not sure which is which. (They were labeled when I started. Note to self: Sharpie does not last an entire winter outdoors on plastic.)

So the bachelor’s buttons and a shasta daisy went into the front porch bed; I put the butterfly bush and coneflower here and there in the yard and the gardens; the penstemon and hollyhocks went into the newly-filled-in driveway bed; the Indian paintbrush went in the herb garden near the garden stone my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas; the anise hyssop went in the herb garden and a corner of the vegetable garden near a lone borage; the “Garden Treasures mix” went into the pot on my front porch, left by the old owners, which I put mint in last year. I hauled a surprising amount of dead roots out of the pot before I transplanted them. I have two flowerbeds, the newly-dug one by the garage and a not-yet-dug one by the back fence, where I’ll put the unlabeled plants and some more penstemon, since I had a lot.

I still haven’t started my sunflowers yet (or the fall brassicas), and the ones in the garden aren’t coming up but the beans are so I need to get on that. I may well make a trip out to Home Depot this week to get more dirt and mulch, whatever I can load into the car, and make an end run for getting this stuff all settled. I’m enjoying the yard gardening but I’m thinking I’ll enjoy having it all in place so that I can just watch it grow (and weed), too.

Also, the alyssum and red flax in the herb garden are up–I was afraid I wouldn’t recognize them and would pull them as weeds, but when the same plant that I haven’t seen elsewhere springs up en masse overnight, I think I can assume they’re what I planted. I have a single parsley root plant up, but no parsley beyond the one I raised indoors. And I’m definitely not getting more than about three onions in the onion bed, so carrots will go in there soon. Sigh.

I feel like I’m stuffing so much data into my posts these days. Well, it’s spring; that shouldn’t surprise me. Things are happening every day, and by being outside so much–much more than I have since I was little–I’m seeing it all. And I have no other garden journal, so it all comes here.