Today the corn went in. I have a lot more corn seed than I thought I did. I wonder how long the seed stays good. I also planted the cucumbers and some narrow-leaf echinacea, and replanted some parsley and parsnips, and moved several plants from the triangle in the front lawn to a section immediately between our driveway and the neighbors’ big bushes.

(Seed to Seed says three years for the corn. Excellent; there will be corn next year, too, if I have any sort of success at all this year. Maybe even if I don’t, depending on what kind of failure I have.)

The neighbors had filled in the side of our driveway moat by their front lawn–did I mention this?–and seeded it with grass, and later they filled in and seeded this section too, even though they can’t see it from their house because these bushes are between it and their gate to their backyard. I wonder if this means that the property line is closer to us than I thought, that it’s in fact right along the driveway and that ugly clump of irises and sedum I keep thinking about yanking out but never do is actually on their property. There’s a fence between that bit and their yard, though, so I don’t know. Tony has always mowed right up to our driveway, including this recently-filled-in bit. But I figured it was our responsibility since (a) we messed it up (b) as far as we know it’s our land (c) we’re the only ones who see it, and I didn’t want grass there. So I roughed it up and moved eight hostas and one daylily (and one plant I can’t identify and in fact don’t know for sure isn’t a weed) there. It looks nice. The triangle looks terrible, but that’s fine; if all goes well it’s getting seeded with grass this weekend. I hope the neighbors are okay with this.

Finally, I patrolled the gardens. The Hopi Red Dye amaranth is coming up everywhere except where I planted it. At least it’ll be a very pretty weed. The quinoa isn’t coming up at all. Nor the onions or zucchini or potatoes except for a lone Irish Cobbler. But the carrots and garlic and leeks are doing well, and the peas have found the trellis, and the lettuce is looking beautiful.

I popped part of a rocket/arugula leaf in my mouth and almost lost my balance from the shock of the taste. I would have thought I’d have had it before, but I would have remembered this, this smoky peppery invasion. Why didn’t anyone tell me rocket tastes like this? Chances are I have had it before…just not the fresh-from-the-garden version…and it didn’t taste like that. Our salads are going to be piquant this year.