The tomatoes are in the ground. They are very tiny. In fact, I have volunteer tomatoes in the driveway bed that are almost the same size. I’m not feeling so sanguine about that one hundred and twenty pounds of tomatoes anymore. Still, I put my stakes up and buried the plants deeply and sprinkled a mixture of used coffee grounds (from work), crushed eggshells (from making ice cream for Mother’s Day), and epsom salts (from a foot injury a year and a half ago) into the ground with them. I fully intended the sky to water them, as it was threatening rain the entire time I was planting, but it’s nearly dark and no rain yet. Dammit. I’ll get out there early tomorrow and water if I have to.

The basil, red shiso, celery, nigella sativa, feverfew, wormwood, hyssop, and elecampane are also in the ground. My seedlings are generally looking pathetic. Is it because they didn’t get enough light? Enough space? Enough attention? Regardless, in they went, and with luck most of them will survive. I have some direct-seeding to do, including the parsley and more nigella sativa because they’re just not doing well. The onions are not coming up either (the scallions are doing fine, though). I may plant that area with carrots, since the carrots didn’t come in as well as I would have liked.

Generally speaking I feel like I’m doing worse this year than I was last year. Perhaps my beginner’s luck has run out. Or I’m being too ambitious. Either way, does that mean I’m a real gardener now?