My Asian cabbage appears to be flowering. Why is it flowering?

It doesn’t look like it was mistakenly mislabeled. It looks like cabbage. Beautiful young three-inch cabbage with no heads and flower buds. I think I’d feel this way if my kid brought home an all-A report card and the next day her teacher called me up to say “Your child is in danger of failing if she doesn’t shape up and stop making paper airplanes in class.”

Of the two Sorrento broccoli, one is also budding–but then, it’s supposed to, though not this early, I think–and the other has been all along, in two- and three-flower groups,a because it apparently never got over being inside. There is one Green Goliath broccoli that’s doing well, and while it looks fine at the moment, I’m not hopeful. I’m discouraged about this growing brassicas idea. At least the kale looks okay…for now.