Today’s Done list:

-cleaned up porch to make room for trays for hardening off

-put out bay tree

-filled planter with dirt (for the winter-sown lettuce…didn’t plant it because I got impatient trying to wet it down; I’ll let tomorrow’s projected rain do it for me)

-pulled out innumerable tiny bindweed sprouts

-sowed the wildflower seeds from Burt’s Bees (same bed as the borage)

-planted Mammoth sunflowers seeds in the vegetable garden

-planted scarlet runner beans along a few fences

-pulled more bindweed

-planted a Silver Mound Artemisia and a Lavender Cotton I bought at the farmer’s market two weeks ago

-did not actually put out the trays to harden off

Then I was driven inside by incessant sneezing. My allergies have been extremely mild this season until today. I hope today was just a fluke.