Here are all the beans in my yard at the moment:

Italian Farm House fava bean seedlingLentil seedlingTrionfo Violetto seedling

The fava beans are doing well, with nine out of ten sprouted. The lentils not as well, but that’s okay; I need a place to put my Hutterites anyway. And the Trionfo Violetto beans have come up in the herb garden, lived two nights, and seen two mornings, so the rabbits are either taking the weekend off or not interested. I love the complexity of bean and pea seedlings (the Pioneer and Golden Sweets are doing just fine, too).

I also planted the borage into that cement-surrounded bed and put some thyme out. The Romanesco cauliflower was doing poorly except for one with no collar, I noticed, so I pulled off their collars. Now all of them except the one without a collar are gone. Sigh. I guess that’s another place to put the Hutterites.