Started yesterday: Nankeen brown cotton, Erlene’s Green cotton, indigo.

Planted yesterday: quinoa (from the store). They may however be all gone because when I went into the vegetable garden this afternoon I startled an awful lot of birds.

Started today: lemon cucumber, Straight 8 cucumber, Parade cucumber, Yellow Scallop squash.

Planted today: Zahra hybrid summer squash (because I just can’t wait! And the ten-day forecast looks good! And I have plenty more seeds for when they freeze or fail to come up!)

Dug today: a bed by the side of the garage, destined for sunflowers and maybe daisies; a DMZ between the herb garden and the grass, at Eric’s desire, for turning the lawnmower around in. I want to grow Irish moss there, because we saw a six-pack of it at Meijer and thought it would make a great lawn someday when we have lots of money, and it would be nice to grow it now and see what it’s like (plus maybe get some seeds?).

Petted today: a tabby cat who apparently enjoys rolling in my scallions and skulking along the narrow paths in the herb garden.

Noticed today: a luffa sprout is up; an onion I left in the vegetable garden last year has sprouted; the bindweed and grass are growing faster than I like; the farmer’s market turnip I planted is already starting a flower stalk; the red, pink, and green trees I can see from the herb garden are breathtaking in their transient beauty.