I was playing WOW with a friend of mine who lives near Cleveland last night, running across The Barrens and chatting about work and irritating customers. “That doesn’t sound good,” Eric commented, looking out the window. It didn’t sound good; it sounded like icy snow; so I told Courtney > BRB, I think it's snowing and I need to cover my plants, and went out into the darkness.

I brought a pot and the ice cream bucket (incidentally, it’s occurred to me that salt water would be a great way of killing the weeds in the strip between our garage and the neighbor’s yard that I just want to cover over with gravel) and mainly used my hands to find the two herbs in the herb garden I was afraid for in order to cover them. Everything else took its chance. I lugged the lemon tree inside and covered the winter-sown containers. I returned, dripping and muddy, to the computer room. > Is it snowing? Courtney asked.

> It's hailing, I said.

Tonight we have an actual frost advisory (which I find completely charming–that they make an actual advisory, that is, not the frost itself). I’ll go out earlier tonight.