The onions are starting to come up. Not enough to think about cutting their tops yet–most of the tops haven’t fully pulled free from the ground yet–but enough to stop thinking about what I might plant if they completely failed to come up.

My potato order from Pinetree has been charged to my credit card for almost two weeks now, but I have received no potatoes. This saddens me. However, last night’s rain did good things for the parts of the garden that are here, so I shouldn’t repine. They’ll get here soon, I’m sure.

I have an eggplant sprout! From one of the old pots, not the new ones. Which just goes to show. No San Marzanos yet. No luffa either. The borage, though, is strong and bold. Borage kind of scares me.

I also, upon coming back from a walk this evening, realized that the curly grasslike things that the previous owners left in the little corner bed (the plants from which I’m slowly relocating because they don’t grow well there because it’s directly under an enormous copper beech) are wild onion. I tested this theory by tasting. Yup. Wild onion. Which leaves me in a conundrum: leave them where they are and let grass grow around them; plant them somewhere, thereby denying their wild nature; or pull them up and use them in cooking this weekend?