Back to the minutia of gardening. (Not that I ever really leave it.) I dug up what I thought were spotted hostas in the front yard, and the past two days I’ve noticed they’re blooming a lovely periwinkle, and it’s the wrong season for hostas to bloom. Today I looked them up and found they’re lungworts, pulmonaria (of course). Hooray for learning more plant names!

I dug up the west bed and the raised bed in the vegetable garden today, to mix in the compost and turn over the weeds. I was charmed by how in the raised bed I didn’t have to use my foot on the shovel to sink it into the soil. I was less charmed by the chunks of wood I tore away when I accidentally hit the sides of the raised bed. I may want to look into replacing the walls this year, one at a time,  so that I don’t have to replace them all at once next year.

I put up the bean teepee yesterday–three long branches from the overgrown tree in the backyard, two of which had bright green leaf buds even though I cut them weeks ago–and planted three beans today, to see whether the rabbits are visiting that part of the yard or not. Both kinds of peas are up and un-nibbled, but I’m not convinced that the beans are safe without a fence. Yesterday I also discovered tiny dill seedlings in the strawberry bed (last year’s herb bed), so I deduced it was time to sow dill and cilantro seeds, and did so. I also planted more alyssum, and some lavender right over a swarm of ants. There’s a nest there somewhere. I may have to bring out some boiling water soon (the entrance to the nest, as far as I can tell, is not where I put the lavender seeds).

The brassicas, and the Tuscan Blue rosemary I bought and the oregano I grew from a cutting of last year’s plant, are outside. The brassicas have collars. I now have two Green Goliath broccoli, two Sorrento broccoli, six Romanesco broccoli, six Snow Crown cauliflower, and six Chinese cabbage out there. I know I let the cutworms get the best of me but I could have sworn I started more broccoli than that (especially since I don’t really consider the Romanesco a broccoli–though we’ll see how I feel if and when I get to taste one).

I also cut a branch off the Asian pear a few weeks ago and stuck it in the soil. I looked up suddenly while digging and found it was covered in white buds, just like its parent. Does that mean it took and is growing roots, or just that it hasn’t realized it’s dead yet?

Asian pear branch with flower buds

The peach tree we planted last year has similar buds, but carnation pink and quite lovely. Flowers are more fun when I know they will (theoretically) lead to fruit, I think. I can’t wait for the raspberries to flower, or to buy more strawberries. Maybe the farmer’s market will have them this Saturday? Between then and now, I’ve got the east vegetable bed to dig and rake, some more weeding to do, and the yard to think about taking care of so that I don’t plant everything now just because the weather’s so lovely.

In summary: lots to do in the garden. Work’s been crazy this week too. It was just like this a month ago, and–guess what?–the full moon was a couple of days ago. I’ve been having very full days, and that’s making for a good April.