There are ants on the lemon tree now, presumably collecting the sap/honeydew. I saw a bee fly on it and went in to get my camera, but it was gone by the time I got back.

I’ve put my brassicas out to harden off, including the cauliflower. It’s supposed to be lovely and no colder than 45 for the next ten days, so I figure I can get them out a little early. The remaining brassicas already in the garden seem to be doing fine. Two of them are noticeably bigger. I also put a spare tomato out, just for kicks.

None of my hot peppers or eggplant have come up. Not one. I have little hope for these by this point but I planted more today, in separate containers. I also planted some mystery seeds from the garden and some San Marzanos because those haven’t come up either and I threw out those pots this morning because they were slimy and covered in mold.

What a terrible plant caretaker. I’m depressed.