Well, that explains that. Arugula is a brassica–or rather, it’s a Brassicaceae (family versus genus). There are very definitely two different kinds of fused-circle cotyledons coming up in that part of the garden, and this is why. And I thought I was separating the family members.

Spinach and lettuce are coming up in the herb garden…I think. Maybe they’re weeds. Weeds are starting to come up too. As mentioned, both arugula and turnips are up. And I have potted and labeled luffa, thyme, borage, and non-winter-sown purple coneflower, shasta daisies, and marigolds. The winter-sowing pots are doing well; I thinned the anise hyssop and the lettuce this afternoon, and was delighted to discover that the Indian Paintbrush I bought in 2005 have sprouted mightily. Nothing from the purple coneflower or shasta daisy yet, which is why I started some indoors.

One of the oldest Green Goliath broccoli appears to have had its stem gnawed all the way around. But the top is still there. This is a total mystery to me. I get the feeling I’m going to be dealing with pests more this year than I did last year. Also that this brassica thing could get out of hand if I let it. At least brussels sprouts aren’t part of the plan until the fall.