Here it is: my first ever, made-by-me pea trellis. Don’t tell me if I did it wrong; I don’t want to know. (Okay, I do. But be kind.) I foolishly thought I could nail it together and then ram it into the earth. The posts barely budged. I ended up digging holes for each one, then burying them and stamping the ground around them. I hope it stays up.

Pea trellis

The turnips have indeed sprouted–though I was pretty sure that was where the arugula had gone, not the turnips–but I couldn’t get a decent picture. However, you probably know what they look like: fused-circle cotyledons, very plain, but exceedingly exciting when you got the seeds from a friend who told you to take hers because they didn’t work for her at all last year.

According to my schedule, I’m supposed to start luffa, thyme, and borage seeds today. I didn’t, due to time constraints placed by a minor emotional breakdown (on my part) that was the inevitable consequence of Sunday’s drama and the last several months of tension, but I’ll do it soon, probably tomorrow.

I did plant a line of lentils–just plain brown lentils from the store, purely to see if they’ll grow–in the vegetable garden, and parsley and the leftover onions in the herb garden. I weeded. I uprooted some spotted hostas in the front yard and replaced them near the porch, in front of the dead mosquito bush stumps because I pulled out one stump and it was such work that I’m leaving the other two. The root system on the one was just gorgeous, though. I didn’t get a good picture of that either.

The herb garden currently looks like this:

Herb garden, 4-15-08

Which isn’t so impressive, but then last summer it looked like this:

Herb garden beginnings

And you can’t see most of what’s in it, because that’s mostly underground or a couple of inches tall, so you can’t really see this:

Herb garden