In-law drama can be the worst drama. That’s all I’m saying about Sunday.

Today, I gloried in the sun (and my new nicely-fitting sunglasses; they’re not easy to find when you already wear prescription glasses) and worked in the herb garden. I’ve dug and raked all the beds, weeded, yanked up more bamboo roots, put up the pea trellis, and planted Carpet of Snow alyssum, some raspberry canes I missed, Pioneer and Golden Sweet peas, Big Top carrots, Hamburg Half-Long parsley root, and more broccoli (all three types), cabbage, and cauliflower that I kind of hardened off over the weekend (read: put out properly on Friday and Saturday, and accidentally left out all night Sunday but they’re still alive). And I think my turnips have already sprouted. Weeds don’t have the kind of cotyledons that brassicas do.  Pictures tomorrow. Exercise and a long hot shower tonight.