It rained hard yesterday afternoon, but not before I had dragged Eric outside to work on the yard. We dumped our 240 lb of dirt in the trenches along the driveway and discovered that we need more. Lots more.

We picked up branches and moved leaves, and I discovered that the bulbs I planted–the ones I feared had mildewed in their bags–are coming up. They don’t look like their picture, but I suppose they must be chionodoxa, Glory of the Snow.

I also found a bulb I can’t identify. I remember planting three kinds of bulbs last year: scilla, irises, and chionodoxa. This doesn’t look like any of them to me. (Not that I’m an expert on bulbs, or even a journeyman.) I vaguely remember Michelle (my stepsister-in-law) giving me a school fundraiser catalog that had bulbs in it. Did I buy them and plant them? I can’t remember. It can’t be from the previous owners because it’s on the island, which I created last year over grass. Anyway, it promises to be pretty, so that’s the main thing.

Mystery bulb

I also found that my parsley is up! And I don’t mean the ones I started indoors, I mean the ones I left in the strawberry patch last fall in the hopes that they’d live and I’d get seeds this year. I think I will. And until they flower, I can have fresh parsley! Suddenly I love biennials.

Flat-leaf parsley, year 2

I also see a weed, now that I look at the picture again. As Hanna says, it must be spring if it’s time to weed.