Winter sowing: it really works. I have sprouts of: bachelor button mix, anise hyssop, Merveille des Quatre Saisons lettuce (clearly the drainage problem didn’t hurt it), a “Garden Treasures” mix, and a tomato mix…only it doesn’t look like a tomato sprout. The cotyledons are short and rounded rather than long and pointed. Here we go again with the weeds.

(Incidentally, that is my most-looked-at post. I can only imagine that a lot of people are searching the Internet for “weed” and are coming here to be disappointed, though I suppose the “Roll your own” post didn’t help.)

I’m not hopeful that I’ll get any gardening done this weekend other than rotating my seed trays, as it’s supposed to rain and snow (but I’m pretending I didn’t see that) all weekend. Our (detached) garage’s roof needs fixing, too; the tarpaper tore away at one end, and now the water is all running down the inside of the garage. So there’s a trip to Home Depot in our near future, and I will pick up more dirt and a cactus pot and some gravel for the side of the garage that was infested with weeds last year, but I think this is going to be more of a cleaning/baking/goofing off weekend than a gardening weekend. Oh well. You can’t win them all.