Today was the herb garden’s turn. Eric was supposed to build the trellis for me and take part in yard cleanup, but due to homework involving a video camera that refused to download to his computer, or to anyone else’s with sound, was absent. Next weekend he won’t be so lucky.

I’ve been imagining a fanciful, beautiful, irregularly-laid-out plan for this garden, but in my heart, I’m not a fanciful sort of person. The best I could do was stagger the pathways so that the different beds didn’t look like city blocks. Instead they look like bricks in a brick wall. Oh well.

I dug up the eastern half of the garden, as that’s where the amendments and such lay on the soil and that’s where most of the vegetables (versus the herbs) will go. I further dug out the small pathways, dumping the dirt onto the beds, trying to create raised beds–sort of–out of nothing. I succeeded much better than I had thought I possibly could, since I hadn’t brought in a whole lot of dirt, and kept marveling at their height. Finally I realized what was going on: this ground has been trammeled by people’s feet for years, and I had mixed and aerated it. So I have lovely raised beds, at least until it rains.

I planted the broccoli and cabbage I had hardened off. The lettuce I put out there yesterday were still there, but I’m afraid anyway. Maybe they were too small for rabbits to see, or desire. We’ll see if they’re still there in the morning. I also planted lettuce, spinach, arugula, kale, scallions, turnips, beets, and Swiss chard seeds, patting the earth after each one was sown.  I still have a lot to plant there that I haven’t yet–mainly flowers at the moment–but right now my new garden is mostly bare. The plans I laid in the winter will blossom in it as the season progresses, as my impatient Sorrento broccoli is budding out now.

Sorrento broccoli