I worked in the garden today in a T-shirt, under the sun and the pale blue sky. And while I was digging and moving and stooping, it remains true that I was outside in a T-shirt and I was warm. I think that’s a great birthday present.

I went out to check the holes, first of all, and found them still filled-in, with no further signs of occupation. I did see a sleepy little snake who had been napping in the space between the raised bed side and the dirt. I evicted him and with Eric’s help fixed the bed. The raised bed is definitely in its declining years, but it’ll last long enough, so I’m satisfied.

I planted turnips for seed in the strawberry bed (I forgot to mention that last time I was out, I moved the strawberries from their planters to this bed, which was where the herbs were last year) and shallots (from the farmer’s market) and potatoes (from last year). I dug and raked, and planted two kinds of onions, the leeks (I decided starting them outside made more sense), two kinds of carrots, parsnips (which I notice didn’t make it onto my planting schedule at all), and fava beans in what will later be the cantaloupe bed. Or corn and squash. I haven’t made up my mind quite yet. I’ve got time. Anyway, here’s what it looks like now:

I also planted my lettuce starts, both in the vegetable garden and in the herb garden. Tomorrow I’ll check to see whether they’re still alive or have been eaten. Poor little lettuce canaries.

Then it was time to come in, as we’re headed out for the symphony and my birthday dinner (first time we’ve eaten out since January). The vegetable garden is now done, planting-wise, until the potatoes I ordered come and the last frost date passes.

Tomorrow, we’re working on the herb garden and the yard in general: digging and smoothing out the beds, putting up the pea trellis, planting more seeds, putting out the broccoli if the lettuce are still there tomorrow (and if not, we’re off to Andersons for fencing). And then filling in dirt along our driveway, cleaning up branches and debris, possibly stealing some grass seed from Eric’s mom for the bare spots. (Grass seed is expensive!) It’s going to be a good weekend. Since I can’t expect to harvest anything on my birthday, planting is the next best thing.