We got two and a half inches of snow last night. Wet, matted, soggy snow. We are once again a winter wonderland. Did I say I didn’t mind if we got snow? I WAS WRONG. It’s kind of a pity that the last snow of the winter is so despised. (It is the last snow of the winter, right?)

It’s suddenly occurred to me that maybe the Buran peppers were the only ones to sprout because they were the only ones I replanted. If I get no activity from the others tonight or tomorrow, I’ll replant.

It also occurred to me that it’s been a while since I did a Growing Challenge updated. Unfortunately there’s not a lot to update. The broccoli and cauliflower sprouts are growing; one Sorrento seedling in particular is the frontrunner of all the seeds and makes me quite happy (and very tempted to try just a little of a leaf to see how it tastes, but it’s not big enough yet); the rest of what I plan to grow hasn’t been planted yet. Because there’s still snow on the ground.

I have made more flags for this weekend’s planting (the April 1 one, but I think I’ll do it a little early because weekends are convenient and my other plans for Sunday include ‘sleeping late,’ ‘making cookies,’ and ‘sleeping later’): three kinds of basil, more Utah celery, wormwood, elecampane (hooray for dyeing herbs!), nigella sativa (hooray for herbs I’d never heard of before!).

Hmm, I have just noticed that Colleen is also in a mini-update mood. That also reminds me that I have to go vote for the Mouse & Trowel awards. I have a feeling that will require more time trawling through garden blogs than I really ought to devote at work, though, so perhaps I’ll put that on the list with the cookies.