We went to Andersons on Sunday, Eric and I, to get potting soil and food. We had a difficult time buying produce because we’ve both recently read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. Dammit.

I didn’t get to the farmer’s market as intended Saturday because we got up late and had to get a birthday present for our niece (I think there were more people at that one-year-old’s birthday party than there were at our wedding) and had no time, and I regret it. We did get some local eggs and honey, which was nice at least, though egg prices in general are up more than I like to see. Now I’m waiting out the week until I can go to the market this Saturday. We have a party to attend at 2 that day but I’m not letting that stop me.

After my marathon planting session Sunday, I added up gardening costs. So far I’m in to the tune of $111.10, which will take care of all the seed-starting and the potatoes yet to arrive, but there will be more to buy when it’s time to add good dirt to the herb garden and figure out pea and bean trellising and tomato shoring-up (though we do have several long branches lying about that I can probably use for the former at least).

That’s more than I expected, but it’s not unreasonable and I expect to recoup that several times over by the end of the year. Just imagine my “profits” if we stayed in this house and I got my garden infrastructure just the way I want it. Next house, maybe.

(Oh, and Meg: yes, that’s a Hogwarts scarf. Guess I need to get some spring attire out for the little guy.)