Despite the spring weather–I went to Kroger today without a coat! I left my hat in my car!–I’ve had a cloudy day. Work was annoying, my brother thinks he’s having complications from a recent surgery but has no money to go back to the doctor, we’re essentially in a recession, stocks are down, my uncle hurt his back, Eric’s unemployment was denied because his ex-employers lied to the unemployment agency, there’s water pouring down the inside of the (detached) garage, and my peppers still haven’t come up.

Forty-two little flags, ready for more seed-starting tomorrow or Saturday, help a bit. Forty-two is a happy number. I intended to make them different colors but forgot, so it’ll be more white flags sticking bravely up from forty-two little pots, displacing the bay tree and testing my current seed-starting plan, to put excess trays on the greenhouse and place the greenhouse right by the window to catch the sun. I should probably have worked on the pots today, since there will be a lot of them, but I spent some time reading and playing World of Warcraft and avoiding writing because I apparently have some deep-seated issues (but don’t we all?). Forty-two new little plants I brought into the world will make me happier…assuming they don’t go the way of the peppers and actually do come up, that is.