Another level 2 snow emergency, this one due to a sleet/ice storm followed by snow. I came to work today, though, and found the roads not bad–not great, but certainly not impassible–once I got out of our neighborhood. I’m told this is not truly unusual weather for the Midwest in early spring. I suppose that makes it nominally better. I’d feel better if my dad would stop e-mailing me about all the plants they’re putting in their yard.

I planted two pots of Chinese cabbage last night, and I’ll do a couple more maybe this weekend. I’d completely forgotten I had them, and though the Internet advises me only to grow them in the fall, well…I don’t want to wait that long. I don’t know what kind of cabbage these are–I’m hoping for a Napa-style cabbage, but will take anything I can get. We aren’t big cabbage eaters normally, but I can think of any number of ways I could use these if they grow.