Last night we made lasagna with salad and homemade bread for dinner. “Now I’m wondering where this lettuce came from,” Eric said as we sat down to eat. “And THAT ANNOYS ME.” I mentioned I got him to read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, right?

(The answer was “Probably California, since I got it in the organic section. But next time I go to the farmer’s market I’ll get their lettuce; I haven’t gone because we still have some apples and shallots and eggs.”)

Eric started out very much not interested in this strange local/organic mumbo-jumbo I was talking about. And, in fact, I’m learning as I go and therefore some of what I was talking about probably was, and possibly still is, mumbo-jumbo. But I’m learning, and I’m in earnest about it; and through the magic of 1) continual, if not incessant, discussion, 2) getting him to read a well-written book, and 3) hooking him on better-tasting food, Eric is coming around to the idea that local/organic mumbo-jumbo maybe is something worth paying attention to–if for no other reason than that it means tastier meals and lower grocery bills. He also supports my gardening obsession as our ticket onto our friends’ kibbutz–but that’s another post.

He’s already agreed to come with me to the farmer’s market this year, which is better than I got last year, and is possibly as eager as I am for the day when the ground finally stops being frozen or sodden or both at once and I can plant some lettuce and scallions for our spring salads. I thought with despair of how behind we must be this year…until I went through last year’s picture and found what’s currently the new header. It was taken in May. We still have a long way to go, baby. It’s off to the farmer’s market for us this Saturday.