Eric and I went up to Ann Arbor this morning and afternoon, to celebrate our nine-year anniversary of meeting by drinking mint cocoa in the coffeeshop we first really talked in and being sentimental. On our way home we heard someone on the radio mention Daylight Savings is near, which depressed us. By the last light of the day, I planted.

The biggest annoyance was the time it took to make all those little flags and pots; I’ll try to remember to do the flags, at least, a day or two ahead of my next indoor planting date (March 15).

Of my six original broccoli, the Green Goliath and Sorrento both sprouted, and the Romanesco did nothing. I rooted around in the pots; no roots, no nearly-crested buds. I’m afraid these seeds are duds. Nevertheless, I planted two more pots’ worth of Romanesco, and replenished the two old pots, and added another Green Goliath.

I planted two pots of lavender; I’m growing it mainly because it’s pretty and I never have, so I’m not devoting much space or energy to it. I started three pots of red shiso, four of Buran pepper, and four of hot peppers: two jalapeno and one each poblano and Beaver Dam.

More seeds started

I feel better.