Yesterday, while helping Eric shovel snow (he had his mom’s snowblower, I had the shovel and the broom, so I started and assisted but he did the bulk of the work), I went into the herb garden. It was, of course, all white. I sketched out some beds and paths in the snow; I still haven’t figured out exactly how everything’s going to be laid out, and I’m feeling like I won’t until I get in there and start digging. But I think I’ll have room for everything I want to put there. Maybe. Did I mention I have four kinds of basil and eight kinds of lettuce?

Importantly, I noticed a low slushy spot where the rainpipe comes down from the roof. This may or may not be the source of the occasional wet basement floor we get (much better than before Eric cleaned the gutters, though). I would never have noticed the spot if not for the slush. But now I’ve noticed. And I thought: rain garden! I had planned to put non-food plants near the house anyway, for fear of lead in the ground, and didn’t I pick up a brochure on rain gardens at the TBG? I have coneflower and butterfly weed seeds, what else do I need? Because I need another project, you know.