There’s a level 2 snow emergency in effect today, with more snow coming down. It is a fuzzy-sock day–which is to say, a day in which I put on a pair of my beloved fuzzy socks because I’m not going anywhere that day. I have remote access to my work e-mail and it’s been slow anyway, so I’m going to enjoy the unexpected day off.

One of the things I’m going to do is winter-sow some blanket flower my friend Carol gave me. I only remembered I had it when I pulled out my oatmeal tub of purchased seeds, my Ball jar of saved seeds, and my paper bag of Seed Shop seeds and sat down to organize them. I annexed a plastic container of Eric’s that he had been using for photographs, added dividers (Alliums, Brassicas, Cucurbits, Flowers, Greens, Herbs, Legumes, Roots, Solanaceae, and Other–and yes, I alphabetized them, except Other which should always go in the back), and sorted. Happily, the seeds just about fill the container, and when planting is done this year it will be considerably emptier. Of course it’ll fill back up in the fall and winter, but that’s okay.

I hope this is the last snowstorm of the year. It’s getting very close to March, and March is a time for snow to stop, I think. That’s my considered opinion.