The sun glinted brightly on the snow outside as I got out my tray, my newspaper, my jar of black sesame seeds, my dirt, my dirt-moistening bowl, and my broccoli seeds.  (I see a slight problem with my current seed-organizing scheme, which is “stuff them all in an empty oatmeal box.” Specifically, whenever I need a particular seed I’m going to have to root through the entire collection to find it. Maybe I’ll put “organize seeds better” on my list of 2008 garden goals.)

The sesame seed jar was to form a mold for the newspaper pots I intended to make. My friend Carol recently told me that she didn’t like hers, but hers were smaller and with fewer layers of newspaper. Mine are crude, but fairly rugged…I think. At any rate, we’ll see as the season progresses.

I was originally set to plant four pots each of the three types of broccoli I’m growing: Green Goliath, Romanesco, and Sorrento. Because, you know, four plants doesn’t seem like too many. Then I reminded myself that this is all broccoli and while we like broccoli around here, we don’t like it that much, and I plan to grow other things this spring as well. So I cut it in half. Two pots of each type, and if I’m weak, I’ll add another pot or so each in a week or two in the pretense that I’m doing succession planting. But I’m really just putting some spring on my windowsill.

Broccoli started

(The sprout in the green pot is the one remaining cranberry seedling from work. The other two sickened and died, and this one stayed as it is now for two days without growing or changing, so I figured I’d bring it home and put it in some actual sunlight before it, too died. The pot beyond that has a few scallions I planted a while ago, and a couple of sprouts have finally shown up.)