Well, the comment is in the wrong place, so I thought I’d post it up here: Toledo has a seed swap! February 23, at the Toledo Botanical Garden! I’ve been there, last year…no, it must be two years by now, scouting for wedding locations. And now that I think about it, I remember seeing signs for this seed swap around town last year. Here’s the information:

Saturday February 23rd — The 4th Annual SEED SWAP

The Swap and all workshops are free and open to the public!

12:00-3:00pm, Crosby Conference Center (SEED SWAPPING) – bring seeds, bulbs, house plants, gardening magazines, et cetera– there’s still time to order unique seeds to share from sites like rareseeds.com. All are welcome — but those who bring something to exchange will receive more tokens…

Workshop Schedule:

11:00am “Plant Nutrition”, Art Abilities Studio (AAS)
11:00am “Talking Tomatoes”, Children’s Ed. Building (CEB)

1:30pm “Gardening for Maximum Nutrition” (AAS)
1:30pm “Plant Propagation” (CEB)

3:15pm “Beekeeping” (AAB)
3:15pm “Invasive Plants” (CEB)

Come to the Garden on Saturday, February 23, 2008 to exchange seeds, learn new skills and diversify your gardens. No matter your gardening ability, you’ll enjoy the chance to mingle with other gardeners and swap favorite seeds and bulbs. The Seed Swap gives gardeners the opportunity to enjoy new plants and to help preserve unique local and cultural strains, as many gardeners grow plants that are unique to their ethnicity or taste. Visitors are also encouraged to bring houseplants to exchange. There will be activities for kids, workshops, music and more so bring the whole family.

For more information, please call (419)936-2975 or email tgrows2@toledogarden.org.
The Seed Swap is a free/grassroots event.

Hmm. I still have some seeds I could trade. “Gardening for Maximum Nutrition” sounds intriguing…so does “Plant Propagation,” come to that. And I think Eric has a gamercon that weekend, so I’ll have some time to myself anyway. I still feel like too much of a newbie to contribute, but I know that’s not true–I have seeds, and I have interest, and I would love to meet some local gardeners.

Today is the day to pull out my first seeds for planting (only I think I’m going to do it tomorrow–planting seeds, to me, requires sunlight, even if I’m starting them indoors), so I think I’ll take stock of what I can offer.