My plant wall has done well over the fall and winter. The oregano cutting has grown; the bay tree has slowly grown in new leaves to replace the ones I take for soup; the papyrus has splayed its stalks all over; the cactus was spectacular over the holidays and even now has more buds on the way. My poor Meyer lemon lost most of its leaves and all of its flowers, but I installed a pebble tray and talked to it once in a while and mulched its soil with its fallen leaves so that it wouldn’t lose moisture (yeah, that’s it–it wasn’t laziness at all) and it’s hung in there, its leaves oriented grimly toward the window.

I’ve been wondering whether it was really okay, whether it would recover from the trauma of a Toledo winter with only one good window too high to reach its entire length. Now, I think it will. And I think it knows something I don’t.

Meyer lemon flower bud

I do believe spring will arrive eventually after all.