I was feeling aimless last night and decided to play with The Sims. I’ve had this game since 2000, purchased two of the expansions along the way, and acquired a good collection of player-created items. (If you know nothing about it, it’s a game where you build your Sim people a house and buy them the things they need to live their lives, and then tell them how to live their lives. It’s the ultimate control freak’s dream. And it comes with its own items, but people have created much better ones and they’re available to download at sites such as Persimmon Grove.) I’ve picked up quite a few plants and trees and outdoor decorations…starting from around the time I had space for a garden of my own, come to think of it.

Once the game was loaded, I decided all I wanted to do was build a house. So I evicted a family from their house and set them to building a new one. I built a nice brick house, added a chicken coop, put some flowers in a bed by the front door, and added a garden. I put in some herbs and berry bushes in, a rose bush, some ferns…there were empty spaces, so I moved to put in a tomato plant–and said to myself, “No, these are perennials. This is a perennial garden.”

Then I thought OMGWTFBBQ, am I seriously saying my Sims who don’t even go to the bathroom on their own initiative have to have differentiated gardens? I started a separate vegetable garden after that, so I guess so.

If that’s not enough garden game geekdom, check this out. The biology-major part of my brain is gleeful.