I have sprouts! Not the winter-sown seeds (grumble grumble) or anything else at home. There’s been no planting at home. But I have two plants on my desk at work: polka dot plant and a spider plant. Both have done a lot better than I was honestly expecting, considering that I have no window. And today, there are sprouts in both pots.

I’m guessing that the sprouts in the polka dot pot are shoots of one of the original plants that have decided to grow for one reason or another. The stems look like it, thick and tough for their size. The sprouts in the spider plant, however, are most likely cranberries. At least, that’s what I put in there, and that’s what the not-quite-discarded seed covers look like…though considering the weed that came out of my potting soil last year and turned out to be a tomato, I can’t be sure. But these plants have been here for months, and I’ve been watering them all this time, and the cranberry seeds went in only a couple of weeks ago, so I think that’s a reasonable guess; don’t you?

Now I have to anxiously check them every day and figure out what they really are and what I’ll do with them. I’m thrilled. Maybe tomorrow I’ll bring in an empty pot and some basil seeds.

(I ended up putting the Merveille des Quatre Saisons lettuce in the faulty winter sowing container. I saved half of the seeds for planting in the ground, plus I have other varieties of lettuce, so I won’t be heartbroken if they don’t make it. Maybe I’ll bring lettuce seeds to work too. I could grow my own salad bar.)