I went to the farmer’s market on Saturday. It’s very tiny at this time of year, in an enclosed building of course (except for the Poultry House, which is a separate building the size of a bathroom that sells chicken and eggs), but I was very pleased. First I bumped into Nick and Abigail from the gaming group I go to sometimes; we discussed keeping apples and Nick’s addiction to crowder peas, which I looked up later and discovered are the same as cowpeas or Southern peas. Then I bought a half-bushel of apples, a gallon of apple cider, a bundle of Red Oak lettuce, a hydroponic tomato (they also had greenhouse-grown local oranges), a loaf of poppy-sesame-flaxseed bread, canned organic chicken, organic egg noodles, and a bag of young turnips. Total expenditure, $27.

Last night’s dinner was sauteed vegetables over couscous–sadly not using the turnips since Eric says he’s not a fan. I used broccoli and peppers that we needed to get rid of, and some garden carrots (still going strong in the fridge in a plastic bag), and I added some parsley and some of the tomatoes I cut up last summer and froze. I popped a frozen piece in my mouth, and the instant it melted and the sweet-sour taste, faintly perfumed, hit my tongue, I was back in time: pushing through overgrown vines to get the ripe fruits, getting my hands juicy and red from tomatoes I had picked in the heat of summer. Eric said the meal was too bland, but I didn’t notice; I was in a completely different season. I had figured that this year I’ll be doing more canning and less freezing to preserve my tomatoes…but I see I’ll have to freeze at least a few, to capture that raw taste of summer for next January.