I took advantage of the freakishly warm weather yesterday to spread the bags of “soil conditioner” that have been sitting patiently by the new garden. I didn’t have enough, but I used what I had, and it was nice to get a little dirty in the yard again. I suppose my mother-in-law would have preferred that I spend the time clipping the dead shrubs out front…but with all the dead leaves in our overgrown yard and the stacked-up retaining stones from where the driveway people tossed them out of the way, who would notice?

Putting the shovel away, I noted that Eric’s left rear tire was sagging. I notified him and we spent the next hour retrieving his mom’s air compressor, determining that the tire does in fact have a hole, changing the tire, and figuring out when he’s going to go get the tire changed. (“I can use your spare tire to go up to Ann Arbor tomorrow,” he said. “No, you can’t,” I said.) I was so glad it was warm out.