The seeds are ordered…at least, I think they are. Last night was an extremely frustrating night on several counts (all minor, but they added up), so when I tried to send in my fifteen-item online order to Pinetree and it told me I was ordering $0 of merchandise and that would cost me $3.50 shipping, and then I went to the Seeds of Change website and got told I couldn’t make an account because of an “invalid offer expiration date,” I threw a couple of safety pins (the closest small things handy) at the wall and went to bed.

This morning, I ordered from Seeds of Change without the account, got my request off to Southern Exposure without difficulty, and decided to try submitting the Pinetree order anyway. It told me that my order of $0 had been confirmed, and the message in my e-mail inbox said the same, so I wrote telling them their online ordering system appears to be screwed up and pasted in the list of what I had asked for, requesting that they fulfill the order that way if they can. They were perfectly nice to work with last year and I know they’re highly recommended by other people, so I’m not too worried, but if a random $3.50 charge shows up on my account I admit I’ll be displeased.

However, it’s done, and short other developments I should be seeing my seeds come to my mailbox in the next few weeks…it’s just a waiting game now.