Today I give all my houseplants an extra-good watering and hope they’re still alive when I come back. We’re off to Seattle for a week, and I know that realistically there’s no reason for my plants to do anything but what they’ve been doing, quietly maintain themselves and maybe do a little growing. But I’m vaguely concerned anyway. I didn’t worry when I only had the one plant, because it was a Christmas cactus and obviously a few days without water or attention weren’t going to hurt it. But now I’ve got some twelve or thirteen, depending on how you count them, plants inside (I know it’s nothing to, say, Kylee’s 177, but it’s much more than I had this time last year), and they take up more of my brain space–as well as my windowsills.

I’ll probably be checking out Mom’s garden when I get there, because it’s supposed to be in the 40s all week and no snow. She mentioned earlier she had lots of onion seeds; I hope she saved some for me. I’m bringing those tiny bulb-growing kits as part of her present (to go with her flower quilt). Otherwise, there won’t be much garden action. But it’ll be a nice time for me to revisit my roots. (And make cookies.) Merry Christmas!