My wildflower seeds from Burt’s Bees came. Amazingly, I know what most of them are–or at least I’ve heard the names and have a vague idea of what they look like. I hope that they grow where I’m going to plant them, in the spot where the previous owners’ sand box was. I suppose I should try amending the soil a bit before I leave the seeds to their fate.

I was in Meijer yesterday, getting salt (for the driveway) and birdseed (for our cars, as winter weights and emergency traction) and shoes (because my old black work shoes were falling apart), and noticed the poinsettias. Or it could be that I went looking for them. Meijer has a pitiful plant section, of course, but it made me happy anyway–though I finally witnessed the curious horror of fake flowers glued on cacti. Poor things.

They were selling “Christmassy” arrangements, mostly with glitter sprinkled on them, plus a decent selection of poinsettias. After the cactus flowers I couldn’t be sure that the pink- and purple-shaded ones weren’t spray-painted, so I wasn’t tempted to get them…plus I’ve never had one before and am more or less convinced it would die. (Though this site is making me think otherwise…)

Then I saw “Winter Rose” poinsettias, miniature plants, bright red, very cheerful, very cheap. I was tempted. My hand moved to pick one up. I noticed the glitter on the leaves and my hand moved back. I wish Meijer (or wherever they got these plants) hadn’t felt it necessary to dress up the plants for the holidays. I want something fresh and real, not a spangly fake. But if I see those plants again I might buy one anyway and see if the glitter washes off.