I went to my friend Carol’s house last night while our respective husbands went to their weekly D&D night. We watched a movie, ate brownies, knitted, talked about houses and careers…and shared seeds. I got some blanket flower from her, which I’ve never heard of but looks quite pretty (where did all these flower seeds in my stash suddenly come from? Oh right, ambition and greed) and was inspired to buy some bread seed poppy, and took some Beaver Dam peppers, turnips, cucumbers, and herbs. She got excited about my luffa seeds (who wouldn’t? I’m excited too) and tomatoes. (What she doesn’t know is that I sent away to Trudi’s tomato sixpack offer for her, because I was certain that she wouldn’t have time to do it. I was right; she mentioned that she hadn’t.) When our husbands came home they found us sitting at the kitchen table, seed packets spread around. Eric came over to see how we were and I said, “Don’t mind us, we’re trading baseball cards.”