It’s official: it’s now late enough in the year that I can’t get home early enough to do yardwork during the week. Which is okay, since I love the holidays (who doesn’t?) and after that comes, well, seed buying.

More seed-buying, anyway. I’m buying a gift certificate to Seed Savers for my cousin/best friend and her husband this year, and wanted to make sure I got it in plenty of time, so I ordered it last night. And since I wanted to get lettuce seeds for my brother-in-law for his present, I ordered those at the same time. And when I realized shipping was more than the cost of the packet of seeds, I figured I might as well order the seeds I want from them, since there are only a few. So Hidatsa Shield Figure beans, Dragon carrots, Buran peppers, and Potimarron squash will be coming my way soon. I sincerely hope they don’t come out with anything new that I’ll want this year.

This is a hope all the more fervent since I got my very first seed catalog last night, from Pinetree. I had planned to do all my purchasing online, but since I ordered from them last year I guess they sent me the catalog automatically. It is so very nice to curl up with a seed catalog when waiting for one’s husband to come home… but not good for the budget or the gardening space. A few things that weren’t previously on my list have now appeared on it. (I also found things that I was going to order from elsewhere, in this catalog for cheaper, so that helped a little.) Now I hope I’ll have enough space for everything I plan to get come spring…and money left over. This gardening thing, it is invasive.