I’d been very virtuous today, doing grocery shopping and laundry and dishes and baking, and it was beautiful out, so while there was some light left I went out to work on the garden. Specifically, on spreading the compost over the beds, which I did by shoveling compost into the saucer of one of the blueberry pots and dumping it, load by load, where I wanted it. My Christmas wish list has changed: a wheelbarrow now tops the list.

It turns out the old owners left exactly enough compost to cover the raised bed and one side bed. When the compost bin was nearly empty I lifted the thing–it’s four plastic sides fitted together–out entirely and dug the rest out that way (which was much easier), then replaced it atop some boards in the hopes that’ll help it keep its shape better than before. My next move was to place the new compost pile into the compost bin, thereby freeing up that space for planting in the spring, but Eric called me in because my apple bread was done. So that’s next, along with chopping up the nasturtiums and the Swiss chard (I pulled all but one plant today). A machete is right next to that wheelbarrow; I did a little with the edge of the shovel and I think as I’m equipped now, I’m going to be content with slower compost.