I went to the garden immediately after work last to bring in some parsley, as I’d heard we were getting into the twenties for a low and I don’t know to what temperature parsley is hardy. I picked a carrot (still good) and some rosemary and oregano as well, and thought about whether to pull out the parsley plants now and save myself the trouble later. I didn’t, as it was quickly growing dark and I was almost done cutting the parsley; but I pulled one up out of curiosity.

I expected it would have a taproot, since it’s related to the carrot, and it did–narrow and white and fleshy. I rubbed the dirt off and took a taste. It tasted just like a carrot. I guess I could have expected that, but in that case why bother growing a separate plant called parsley root instead of, say, white carrots? As it happens, I’ll find out next year. I’m also tempted to keep these roots I evidently have and see how they fare in, say, lentil soup.